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Welcome to Stories of Home!

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

                        – John Holmes

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Who We Are

The SOH Family

You may also call us the SOH Hope Community. We tell life stories of hope and triumph from Africans around the world. And we adopt underprivileged communities to offer help and support to them in every way we can. We are young people from all works of life – students, bankers, entrepreneurs. What connects us is that we are together drawn to finding stories of hope; of ways of helping people smile and be hopeful, be better; and of real paths through which we could help our community, one life, one place at a time.

Home: Who We Are

What We Do

We share inspiring life stories of Africans, and we find different ways of supporting the less-advantaged communities and individuals around us.


We support families and individuals

We preserve inspiring life stories of Africans

We continue to find ways to help, one life at a time

Home: What We Do

The SOH Hope Community 

"Hope allows us choose the colour of an unknown tomorrow and to hold a certainty that it will be beautiful."
– The SOH Family

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Our Recent Projects

At Stories of Home, we look out for different ways we could support our community through our programmes. This helps us define and refine our projects and process. And we always look forward to you joining us.

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COVID Cash Relief 2020

During the Lockdown, we raised funds and sent cash support to needy families in Lagos, to help them go through the challenging time.

Recycle Pay

We went to Sogunro to gather recyclable wastes and in exchange for a little cash reward to members of the community. We went along with our dear partners, ACUI. We had taught them how to recognise these things a month ago. They filled their sacs and fishing nets with plastics and glass. The warmth was what moved our hearts.

December Hope Tradition

Every December, we go to an underprivileged community to give them gifts, train them in skills, distribute stationary to the children, and give food and clothing items to them for our December Hope Tradition. In December 2021, we went to a small community under the bridge, in Costain, Lagos State.

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Join Us

"Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much."
– Helen Keller

Volunteer Your Time and Thoughts

Help Us Soar

Whatever way you could help (graphic designing, fundraising, grant writing, photography, communications and media, content creation, storytelling, teaching, medicine, sharing ideas and suggestions, and anything else) will always be valued here. Please send us a mail, let's help together.

Make a Donation

... or Partner with Us

Making a donation will greatly help the work we do at SOH. Please use the "Give to SOH' button below to see how you could make donations to our work, or you may send us an email for more details on supporting through your contributions and donations.

Share Your Story

Inspire Our Hearts

Each story we tell goes a long way to inspire the hearts of those you may or may never know. The stories don't have to be complex: as long as they are of faith, or hope, or healing, or resilience, and anything similar, please send them to us. Whether your story, or that of someone else who has inspired you, allow us tell others something that could give them strength in their paths.

Let us know how you’d like to show your support.

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Our Hope Learning & Library Project

From August 1 to August 19, we'll be bringing the gift of learning and community to children from low-income and not-so-privileged backgrounds. The project will include game-based pedagogy, a free access library for them, and healthy meals as they come together to learn.

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